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NESAY Programs

All NESAY programs and activities are primarily aimed at improving the lives of our communities’ vulnerable and disenfranchised young people and families. NESAY’s core welfare programs focus on addressing issues including youth homelessness, the prevention of youth homelessness and family disfunction and breakdown.

NESAY programs are funded through various state and commonwealth departments including Department of Human & Health Services, Department of Victorian Communities, Commonwealth Family and Community Services.  In addition to this, NESAY provides a number of internally developed award winning programs and initiatives. For these essential non-funded programs, NESAY relies on one off grants, funding opportunities and contributions from our local and regional communities. Without the generosity of our communities’ donations and support, these programs would not exist.

NESAY’s programs and activities don’t operate in isolation. We work intensively with our local schools, education providers, the external service sector and organisations. The connections and partnerships with these external sources is essential to ensuring that all of NESAY’s young people have access to the best possible programs and services in order to address their life barriers to achieving their full potential. 

Housing Support

Independent Living Skills

Support & Care

Counselling & Wellbeing Support

School Support

Community Support

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