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Learn, Lead, Live Program

Learn, Lead, Live or the Triple ‘L’ Program, is delivered in a group setting. The program aims to assist in the development of a positive sense of self, including improving peer relationships, communication, and engagement with education. Behaviour styles are explored and opportunities for different paths are identified in a manner that is supportive and future focused. 

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Triple L program are for the participants to reflect on their own behaviors and to learn strategies to promote positive outcomes. The issues facing students were identified through a needs analysis distributed to staff at various schools across regional Victoria. It is anticipated that upon completion of the program, participants will utilise the development of new skills to enhance their school engagement, relationships and positive communication and behaviours.


Program activities provide participants with opportunities to engage in discussions focused on the following:

(i.e. relaxation, breathing, mindfulness)

(i.e. bullying, sexting, family violence, physical/verbal aggression)

(i.e. mindfulness, escalation/de-escalation, brain breaks)

(i.e. peer, family, isolation)

(i.e. listening, verbal & non verbal, body language)

(i.e. resilience, depression, anxiety)

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