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NESAY's Year In Review - 2022/2023

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CEO Report

2022-2023 was another year of fabulous achievements, new programs and quality outcomes for our young people, communities and our team. 
We feel very privileged to be a part of the lives of many young people and their families. Through this connection, we are inspired and learn more each and every day. As George Eliot wisely stated, “those who trust us educate us” and this is definitely true. Young people, their families and the communities we serve have the experiences, wisdom and understandings that we can all learn from. Each day we aim to build this into our thinking, our actions and our work.
We take our responsibility seriously and are always looking for new ways to engage and connect with communities. This year we have been able to provide more programs of support, which have been creative and exciting. They include:

  • Two community sessions with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
  • Drumming and Art workshops
  • Mural project with young people from Alpine, Indigo and Wangaratta Shires
  • Commencement of an Ovens Murray Executive Network to build strategic collaboration between the community services in our region
  • Creative Lands Festival (Chiltern and Rutherglen communities) Stage 2 commencement, which involves the kindergarten, all primary schools and the secondary school in an arts based program focused on the pillars of persistence and resilience. The project is strongly supported by the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Indigo Shire.

And to push the envelope even further, we held our inaugural Gala Ball in November 2022. The intention of the Ball was to create an opportunity for the community to learn more about NESAY and the ways they can assist the work we do and raise some funds to assist our young people. The night was a huge success and led to a second ball being held in late June 2023! (27 July 2024 is the next big one!)
One of the key services that NESAY provides in our communities is designed to support young people (aged 16-25 years) who are experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness.
Youth homelessness happens in our communities. It shouldn’t but it does. The most common reason is family violence and/or family breakdown. No young person chooses to live without a home. Together we need to make a stand that this is not acceptable – and create discussions and safe places. It is important to note that the answer to this complex need is not just the provision of a house. We all need care and support when we start to live independently. We need to be taught independent living skills (budgeting, cooking, cleaning etc.) and when you are without a person to show you this, each of us need to step up. Together let’s build the homelessness response to be holistic and respectful of all the needs a young person has – and one that is driven by young people – after all, they are the experts.

Looking towards 2023-2024, our team is excited for the future projects that will include our Youth Advisory Committee, Friends of NESAY, the installation of our Youth Foyer in Wangaratta – plus more!

“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources of its people” – Ernesto Sirolli

Leah Waring

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