Walk The Talk

Walk The Talk (WTT)

NESAY’s WTT Program is an early intervention group program for young males which provides an opportunity for enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills. The exploration of identified behaviours improves outcomes for self-esteem and the management of strong emotions. WTT is an adaptable program aiming to meet the subjective needs of its group participants. 

Topics Covered:

How to recognise and manage strong emotions.

Impacts and consequences of behaviour at home, in the community and with family and friends. 

How to manage conflict to achieve a positive outcome.

As the parent or caregiver of a young person completing the program, we value your input and feedback. The facilitator of the program will contact you weekly during the program and ensure that you are made aware of the topics covered and answer any other questions that you may have. We strongly encourage you to talk to your child about the program as it progresses and supports them to make positive changes and choices. NESAY also provides a range of longer term programs that may assist your family so please feel free to ask the facilitator or access information via our programs page.

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