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The purpose of the ‘No Swag Jar’ is to raise awareness and funds for programs that are designed to prevent youth homelessness. 

Youth homelessness in our community isn’t just sleeping rough (like under a bridge). It’s more often couch surfing or sleeping in cars. 

It is not ok that young people as young as 16 years don’t have somewhere safe to sleep or call home.  

NESAY is funded to support young people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of such. However we want to do more! We are committed to preventing youth homelessness and we need your help. 

 Youth homelessness in our communities is not ok and together we can create new responses that provide alternative approaches that remove the need for us to ever provide swags.

Together we can create real change. Let’s be the community that proudly cares for its young people and not accept that anyone should be without a safe home.

All funds raised will be utilised by NESAY to design and implement programs that will make a difference.

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