L2P Volunteer Mentor

L2P Volunteer Mentor

L2P is a learner driver mentor program which seeks to assist young drivers who are – because of disadvantage – unable to fulfill the required supervised driving experience without significant help from the community. The program seeks to match volunteer supervising drivers with young drivers in an effort to assist these young drivers to reach their 120 hours of practice – part of the requirements for their probationary licence. The program aims at reducing accident rates of young drivers who are at higher risk of incident without the mandatory 120 hours of supervised driving practice. L2P offers volunteers the chance to help create a positive difference in the road safety of young drivers and the chance to experience a worthwhile positive mentorship with a young driver.

The L2P program provides assistance at all stages of the young learner driver’s driving  experience and is capable of providing all the required driving experience from the acquisition of their learner’s permit until their probationary licence test.

The L2P program is an initiative of Vic Roads funded by TAC and is delivered in the Wangaratta region by NESAY on behalf of the Rural City of Wangaratta.


This service is delivered in Wangaratta only.

L2P Mentor Application Form

If you would like to be a part of the L2P program and become a volunteer mentor, fill in a mentor application form by clicking on the form icon.

2017 L2P Stats:

Learner driver hours
Learner's gained their P's
Active Learners
Active Mentors
NESAY gratefully acknowledges the following organisations  for supporting this program:
“ I find the L to P programme very rewarding. Now retired, I have time to help those kids unable to complete their 120 hours for a variety of reasons to gain their P’s. A drivers licence is often essential to secure apprenticeships and other employment. Not only does this help them, I enjoy discussing all sorts of topics, hearing their views and seeing them succeed. Youngsters are our future, let’s give them the best start we can."
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