L2P Learner Driver

L2P Learner Driver Program

L2P assists young learner drivers who are wishing to gain driving experience and fulfill their compulsory 120 logged driving hours, with the end goal of successfully achieving their probationary drivers licence. 

This service is delivered in Wangaratta only.

L2P Mentee (Learner Driver) Application Form

If you would like to be a part of the L2P program and receive assistance in gaining your 120 learner driver hours, complete a Learner Driver Application form here, by clicking on the form icon.

Become a L2P Mentor

Click here to learn more about volunteering as an L2P Mentor.

2018/19 L2P Stats:

Learner driver hours
Learner's gained their P's
Active Learners
Active Mentors
NESAY gratefully acknowledges the following organisations  for supporting this program:
"The L2P Program is fantastic, I found it was really great for getting your hours up. My instructor taught me a lot of different things about different environments, driving through heavy rain and along windy roads. It is very beneficial and I believe everyone will get a lot out of the program."
L2P Mentee
Female, 19 years old
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